Thursday, November 5, 2015

San Diego Asian Film Festival, 2015

At the San Diego Asian Film Festival this year it was excellent to interview Taiwan director Huang Chao-liang 黃朝亮 alongside UCSD Professor Ping-hui Liao after the screening of director Huang's popular film The Wonderful Wedding 大囍臨門 (2015). Afterwards, the generous director took questions from the audience during the Q&A.

... with director Huang Chao-liang 黃朝亮

This year the Taiwan Film Showcase at the San Diego Asian Film Festival boasted seven impressive films. Standouts included:

-- THE KIDS 小孩 Directed by Wei-Shan Yu
-- THANATOS, DRUNK 醉‧生夢死 Directed by Chang Tso-chi
-- & of course THE ASSASSIN 刺客聂隐娘 Directed by Hou Hsiao-hsien

Additional Festival info:
San Diego Asian Film Festival 2015

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