Saturday, January 28, 2017

Avengers Ultron Revolution Civil War: A Muslim Registry Allegory?

Reminiscent of the Marvel's New Avengers Civil War comic book series, in which President George W. Bush's statement in November 2001 that "You are either with us or against us" in terms of the global war on terror was allegorically played out by fictional characters within the Marvel Universe...

...tonight (January 28, 2017), the Marvel Avengers: Ultron Revolution cartoon series concluded with a 4-part special entitled "Civil War" which arguably portrays the dangers surrounding President Trump's plans for a Muslim Registry.

In the cartoon event, a "race of altered human beings" called the Inhumans are legally forced to sign an Inhuman Registration Act which compromises their rights. Marvel's superheroes initially are torn into opposing factions as they determine whether or not to follow the demands of Truman Marsh, at key moments an apparent stand-in for Trump, who represents the state.

Spoiler Alert: in the end, Ultron, the villain ultimately responsible for the strategy, is sent to another dimension in order to stop the ploy. It's a fantasy which seems to be on the minds of many people these days.

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