Monday, January 21, 2013

Sundance Film Festival, Monday (1/21), Post 1

Today the PLNU Sundance Film Festival class -- Dr. Alan Hueth, five students: Kyle, Sam, Peter, Harris, and Sean, and myself -- arrived in Salt Lake City to attend the festival.

We headed south of Park City initially in order to locate our residence for the week, then we hit the town. The theaters are a bit spread out around Park City, yet a convenient shuttle service keeps the crowds moving from place to place. Jam packed buses reminded me of Taipei.

In the evening we attended the Windrider Forum kick-off event where we watched two Oscar nominated shorts: the wonderful stop-motion animation Head Over Heels (Reckart, 2012), which represents the lack of communication between husband and wife by depicting one walking along the ceiling while the other moves along the floor, and The Buzkashi Boys (French, 2012), which presents a dramatic coming-of-age story set in Kabul, Afghanistan.

The screenings were followed by a Q and A with Head Over Heels writer and director Timothy Reckart, whom we also had the pleasure of eating dinner with, and The Buzkashi Boys producer Ariel Nasr. Each offered smart, articulate, and humorous responses to audience questions.

Afterwards, PLNU student Peter Varberg conducted a few brief interviews for the short film he is making.

 The Buzkashi Boys producer Ariel Nasr, interviewed by PLNU student Peter Varberg.

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