Friday, January 25, 2013

Sundance Film Festival, Thursday (1/24), Post 4

I was disappointed to miss the Windrider Q&A with the makers of God Loves Uganda (Williams, 2013) today, yet very pleased to attend the world premiere of the essential: 99%—The Occupy Wall Street Collaborative Film. Upon walking out of the theater, I overheard a number of people describing how they did not understand the occupy movement as it occurred, but understand it better now -- so cool how so many directors submitted footage to create this film.

Unfortunately, I fell asleep during What They Don’t Talk About When They Talk About Love, but

you have to see: Fruitvale (Coogler, 2013). The depiction of Oscar Grant, his life, and murder in 2009. Coming on the heels of seeing 99%'s depiction of Oakland -- the backdrop of Fruitvale -- earlier in the day, and totally absorbed by the characterization of Oscar Grant's last day... I left thinking: truly remarkable. Must-see.

We rounded out the day -- my mind is in total natural-high, can't believe how weird, great, wonderful, and strange film/life is -- with the hilarious and wacky Virtually Heroes (Echternkamp, 2013), which splices together eleven 1980s b-Vietnam War Films into a video game that the protagonist must complete in order to win the love of his life. Preceded by this short:

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