Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Destin Daniel Cretton: Writer's Symposium 2015

Director and writer Destin Daniel Cretton presented at the Writer's Symposium here in San Diego, California on Wednesday 2/25 at 7pm. During his interview with Dr. Karl Martin, the PLNU graduate and director of Short Term 12 and I am Not a Hipster graciously and thoroughly commented on:

documentary filmmaking: "making a documentary is similar to the process of researching for a fictional film"

film adaptation: "it felt boring to adapt my short "Short Term 12"--and even like plagiarism--into a feature film" without making it into something new

budget limitations:"constraints spark creativity"

screenwriting: "the purpose of every word is to put a picture into someone's brain"

capturing actors: following the actor's lead until it is "happening...to be in the moment"

 Short Term 12 (Cretton, 2013)

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