Thursday, May 9, 2013

San Diego Surf Film Festival 2013, Post 1 (Wed. 5/8)

While tonight (Thursday) is the opening night for the San Diego Surf Film Festival (schedule here), last night an event was held for the festival's filmmakers and folks who bought all festival passes -- aka the Nautilus pass!!! -- at the Surfindian in PB.

Artwork by Matt Beard -- especially his ink on bristols -- Gage Hingeley's photos on canvas stood out the most to me in the Surfindian gallery set-up with a screen (visible in the background of the image above) on which the evening's short film was screened. Happy to see a Tyler Warren piece in the gallery there too.

Next door, the local band The Saline Solutions was playing ... sounded good live, certainly a surf guitar texture to it -- you can hear it on "So Good Now"-- straight forward, never a boring musical interlude between lyrics -- also hear "All the Way," which has a late 1960s feel to it during the chorus, and there's a touch of the Chili Peppers, a touch, in "Sew my Shadow."

Duncan Campbell's short film "Bonzer: The Mothership" was the evening's main event. It was cool to get a chance to get a photo with Taylor Knox there -- he is featured in Campbell's short film -- and to get a picture with filmmaker Duncan Campbell of Campbell Brothers Surfboards whom I had read so much about previously in surf magazines.

A bit over 20 minutes in length, Campbell's "Bonzer: The Mothership" is a signature document that traces the history of the Bonzer, the iconic, singular surfboard design that has inspired innovation and clean surfing lines for over 40 years. As Duncan Campbell stated when he introduced the film: he and his crew started filming their story from day one, and the end result is an homage to capturing their first feeling of stoke -- the feeling that surfers try to re-experience each time they paddle out. Hoots rang out during the footage of 1970s barrels all the way to recent images of Rob Machado and Taylor Knox taking the Bonzer to new spaces.

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