Friday, May 17, 2013

Sundance and the San Diego Surf Film Festival: A Comparison

In some ways, both Sundance 2013 and SDSFF 2013 were life changing events, definitely unforgettable, and I plan to be a return attendee to both.

But they are far from being the same thing ... I imagine that when Sundance started it had a similar vibe to SDSFF -- on opening night for the SDSFF this year we were sitting on the floor of an art gallery to watch a film ... perhaps in the future the SDSFF will be a red carpet event like Sundance with its long lines, star sightings, and national headlines. For now ...


… here are some of these film festival’s differences:


-- festival pass at Sundance: a lanyard and barcode
-- festival pass at SDSFF: an old Padres baseball card on a string of hemp

-- snow, wearing multiple layers of clothing

-- pleasant, short-sleeves

-- theaters with 1000 person capacity

-- sitting on the floor or on folding chairs

-- all kinds of films

-- all kinds of surf films


... and similarities:

-- cheering crowds when the credits roll

-- stoked directors glad you loved their films

Sundance, 2013
SDSFF, 2013

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