Saturday, May 11, 2013

San Diego Surf Film Festival 2013, Post 2 (Fri. 5/10)

... I missed the opening night film and festivities on Thursday (5/9), but was at the Friday night events last night at Bird's Surf Shed, San Diego's one and only quonset hut surf shop lined with boards that wrap the walls and ceilings like its a 360 degree IMAX screen. I met my buddy J.R. there and soon after, ran into Greg Noll and was thankful to snap a photo with the surfing legend.

Set 1 included a short film by Andrew Quinn entitled "Stokefest," which is about riding paipos and anything else to keep a smile on the face. Next was a film "TheWaverider" by Karl Lear, about Fijian surfer Isei Tokovou -- it features an impressive cast of surfers and the greatest backdrop on the planet, namely Cloudbreak, but the story itself, which gets stuck in a couple eddies, contains little suspense even though it has a ton of potential -- its the film's potential that I think folks vibe off of the most -- and of course, the dreamlike setting and surf.

The best film of set 1, and the evening as a whole, was the short "Bootleg," by George Trimm and Joel Tudor, a kind of currently-made yet retro-vibe San Diego-west-coast-North-America longboard and alternative surf craft film produced in the same spirit as the brilliant Sundance Film Festival Winner: CATNIP: EGRESS TO OBLIVION?

Set 2 featured an inspiring short that promoted recycling old surf gear, and any form of garbage for that matter, so that it avoids the landfill, entitled, "The Beginning of Something Big" by Doug Walker, and then another brief short.

The evening culminated with the appearance of Peter Townend, briefly interviewed, which was really the highlight of the entire evening, before the screening of Sons of Beaches 72 -- an informative slice of essential early 1970s surf history, but a bit overlong. The story is great, but some of the interviews begin to feel like DVD extras material by the conclusion of the piece. Maybe I was just too tired.

 PT introducing Sons of Beaches 72 which takes place, in part, in San Diego

Looking forward to the events today (Saturday) ... heading down to the beach now.

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